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Kill The Cancer Naturally with B-17

During 1950 after many years of research, a dedicated biochemist by the name of Dr. Ernest T. Krebs, Jr., isolated a new vitamin that he numbered B-17 and called 'Laetrile'. As the years rolled by, thousands became convinced that Krebs had finally found the complete control for all cancers, a conviction that even more people share today. Back in 1950 Ernest Krebs could have had little idea of the hornet's nest he was about to stir up.

The pharmaceutical multinationals, unable to patent or claim exclusive rights to the vitamin, launched a propaganda attack of unprecedented viciousness against B-17, despite the fact that hard proof of its efficiency in controlling all forms of cancer surrounds us in overwhelming abundance. Why has orthodox medicine waged war against this non-drug approach? G. Edward Griffin, author of the book World Without Cancer contends that the answer is to be found not in science, but in politics, and is based upon the hidden economic and power agenda of those who dominate the medical establishment.

In the U.S. the FDA has tried to use strict regulations, not law, to ban vitamin B-17 for over 18 years. Vitamin B-17, or Laetrile Therapy is only used by some hospitals in Mexico, which treat cancer with nutrition. These hospitals achieve nearly a 100% recovery rate with virgin cases (localised tumours/cancers that have not yet been burned up with radiation, poisoned with chemotherapy, or cut into with surgery).

A majority of Laetrile-treated patients report positive responses, ranging from increase in the feeling of wellbeing and even brighter outlook of life, to such noticeable reactions as an increase in appetite, weight gain and, frequently, restoration of natural colour, reduction or elimination of cancer-connected pain and cancer caused fetor. In thousands of cases, total regression of all cancer symptoms has been confirmed.

Vitamin B-17, commonly known as "Amygdalin”, or "Laetrile", is a natural substance that can be found in a variety of species in the Vegetable kingdom. The greatest concentration is found in the seeds of the rosaceous fruits, such as apricot kernels and other bitter nuts. There are many seeds, cereals and vegetables that contain minimal quantities of vitamin B-17 and form part of our daily diet.

With great satisfaction we are proud to present this vegetable agent whose anti-cancer properties have been known empirically for many years, but in the last twenty years they have been scientifically proven, primarily through the clinical studies directed by Dr. Ernesto Contreras Rodriguez and carried out in the OASIS of Hope Hospital formerly known as the Centro Medico y Hospital Del Mar at Playas de Tijuana, B.C.N. Mexico. More than 100,000 patients have sought Contreras' care since 1963.

Foods that contain vitamin B-17 are as follows:

  1. KERNELS OR SEEDS OF FRUIT: The highest concentration of vitamin B-17 to be found in nature, aside from bitter almonds. Apple, apricot, cherry, nectarine, peach, pear, plum, prune.
  2. BEANS: broad (Vicia faba), burma, chickpeas, lentils (sprouted), lima, mung (sprouted), Rangoon, scarlet runner.
  3. NUTS: Bitter almond, macadamia, cashew.
  4. BERRIES: Almost all wild berries. Blackberry, chokeberry, Christmas berry, cranberry, elderberry, raspberry, strawberry.
  5. SEEDS: Chia, flax, sesame.
  6. GRASSES: Acacia, Alfalfa (sprouted), aquatic,  milkweed, Sudan, minus, wheat grass, white
  7. dover.
  8. GRAINS: oat groats, barley, brown rice, buckwheat groats, chia, flax, millet, rye, vetch, wheat berries.
  9. MISCELLANEOUS: bamboo shoots, fuschia plant, sorghum, wild hydrangea, yew tree (needles, fresh leaves).


Metabolism is the total function of our body. In order for our body to function properly, all its attributes (physical, mental, and spiritual) must work in harmony. Total care is the goal of metabolic therapy. Metabolic therapy elements are utilised in order to provide our human organism the best environment to combat disease and regain health.  Metabolic therapy is a non-toxic cancer treatment based on the use of Vitamin B- 17, proteolytic pancreatic enzymes, immuno-stimulants, and vitamin and mineral supplements.

It is also a diglucoside with cyanide radical that is highly "bio-accessible." This means that it penetrates through the cellular membrane reaching high intra-cellular concentrations easily. This cyanide radical is what once made the vitamin controversial, but over the years, it has been proven that amygdalin is completely safe and non-toxic. The normal cells in our organism contain an enzyme called Rhodanese which "neutralises" the amygdalin. This enzyme does not allow the amygdalin to release the cyanide. In this way, amygdalin only serves as glucose to healthy cells providing energy. 

Malignant cells do not contain this enzyme. In the absence of Rhodanese, the amygdalin is activated liberating the cyanide radical inside the malignant cell causing its destruction. This is the way God creates things: Only cancer cells are destroyed but normal ones are not affected. As the amygdalin attacks unhealthy cells, it transforms into a silicate, which is much like aspirin. It contributes greatly to pain control. The hundreds of clinical studies conducted by many competent physicians around the world, including those directed by Dr. Emesto Contreras Rodriguez at the Oasis of Hope Hospital hospital in Mexico, give us complete confidence that there is no danger.

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