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Anti-Penuaan: Bagaimana Mencegah Penuaan, Proses dan Penyebab...

Disclaimer: All info below has been quoted from massive Published Journal. I hate journal, it need focus, attention and understanding, but after all worth it every single time you spend.


Aging is the progressive accumulation of changes with time that are associated with age related disorders. These times related changes are attributed to the aging process. 

Researches now indicate free radicals reaction is responsible for aging process. In mammalian systems the free radical reactions are largely those involving OXYGEN. So Oxygen itself will cause Aging.


Studies strongly suggest that free radical reactions play a significant role in the deterioration of the cardiovascular and central nervous systems with age. Aging and death of cells happen due to the aging process, the changes with time and their rates of production being under genetic control but subject to modification by the environment.

The nature of the aging process happen due to:  

(i) encodement of aging in DNA (made manifest in a manner similar to development), 
(ii) progressive breakdown in accuracy in protein synthesis, 
(iii) crosslink age of macromolecules, 
(iv) in higher organisms, "attack" of the immune system on self-antigens, 
(v) free radical reaction damage. 

The free radical theory (2-6) of aging assumes that there is a single basic cause of aging, modified by genetic and environmental factors, and postulates that free radical reactions are involved in aging and age-related disorders. 

Free radical arise upon exposure to:

1) ionizing radiation, 
2) from  nonenzymatic reactions
3) from enzymatic reactions, 
particularly those of the two major energy-gaining processes employed by living things-photosynthesis (7) and the reduction of  Oxygen to water (8-10). Again Oxygen. and we swallow Oxygen every second to make sure we are alive. 

Accumulation of free radicals may cause : (i) accumulative oxidative alterations in the long-lived molecules collagen (19), elastin (20), and chromosomal material (21, 22); (ii) breakdown of mucopolysaccharides through oxidative degradation (23); (iii) accumulation of metabolically inert material such as ceroid and age pig-lipids, particularly polyunsaturated lipids, and proteins (24, 25); (iv) changes in membrane characteristics of such elements as mitochondria and  lysosomes because of lipid peroxidation (26,27); and (v) arteriolocapillary fibrosis secondary to vessel injury by products resulting from peroxidation of serum and vessel wall components (28). 


DIETARY MANIPULATION expected to lower the rate of production of free radical reaction damage have been shown:
(i) to increase the life span of mice, rats, fruit flies, nematodes, and rotifers, 
(ii) to inhibit development of some forms of cancer; 
(iii) to enhance humoral and cell-mediated immune responses; and 
(iv) to slow development of amyloidosis and the autoimmune disorders.
Dietary manipulations expected to further lower the rate of production of free radical reaction damage. And founded to increase human life span from 73 to 95 years.


A number of studies have shown that ANTIOXIDANT inhibit cancer development in some model systems (43-46). Similarl, the declining death rate from gastric carcinoma in the United States. Likewise, in areas where the SELENIUM intake is relatively high, the incidence of some forms of cancer tends to be low (48-50);

ANTIOXIDANT, SELENIUM and VITAMIN E  Lower Free Radical, Increase Immune System, Benefits on Cardio, Age-Pigments, and Prevent SENILE Dementia (Nyanyuk).

Age Pigments

SELENIUM  is a component of glutathione peroxidise (30), an enzyme that lowers free radical reactions by reducing H202 to water and organic hydroperoxides to alcohols.

Another research found, Humoral and cell-mediated immune responses are enhanced by adding ANTIOXIDANT to the diet of mice (51). 

Development of amyloidosis (53-55), and the autoimmune disorders, can be slowed by ANTIOXIDANT. Beside Antioxidant also had beneficial effect on life span and  kidney diseases  of mice (56),

Further, ANTIOXIDANTS also have a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular and central nervous systems. There long has been data implicating free radical reactions in the pathogenesis of atherosclerosis and hypertension (5, 6,58, 59).

Further, studies of  SELENIUM  and VITAMIN E deficiency in man (64) and pigs (65, 66)-the deficiency is associated with myocardial and vascular damage. Likewise, the incidence of cardiovascular disease is low in areas where the dietary intake of SELENIUM  is high and vice versa (49,68, 69). 

Age pigment is formed by oxidative polymerization of lipids, probably largely mitochondrial, and proteins (74). The accumulation of  lipofuscin ( substance that may cause damage to neuron in central nervous system)  can be slowed by antioxidants (75).  VITAMIN E-deficient diets increase CNS lipofuscin (78).

Further, free radical reactions may be significantly involved in formation of the neuritic plaques (senile plaques) associated with senile dementia of the Alzheimer type (79, 80). The plaques present in the cortex and basal ganglia of normal old people are increased in senile persons. The first changes seen in the development of the plaques are alterations in the mitochondria of the axon terminals (81). 


I’m Scared of Aging Sign, Kulit berkedut, sendi sakit, Nyanyuk, terutamanya DISEASES of aging cancer, darah tinggi, sakit jantung etc. How do you feel if  you Aged? Cuba tengok Atuk Nenek kita bila tua, woo hoo I pray I young forever or at least “Body Muda pada Usia Tua”.
Sesetengah kawan kawan sgt STRESS terpaksa menjaga ibu bapa yg Tua, tidak boleh berjalan sendiri, selalu sakit, nyanyuk, berak sana sini. Imagine that If one day YOU are one of them. I pray I neva be a burden to my Kids.

PREVENT better than CURE, but in Aging case…you Cannot Prevent it, only delay the process. Is time to Start DELAY the Aging Process with ANTIOXIDANT, SELENIUM and VITAMIN E. Do you want to join me to delay the AGING PROCESS?  But Don’t Know where to get STRONG ANTIOXIDANT and the BEST VITAMIN E and SELENIUM. I have: 

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