Sunday, January 27, 2013

Tips to Avoid Weight Gain During Festival

If you're worried about gaining weight over the holidays you're not alone.The average weight gain during festival is 7 to 12 pounds.

Follow these simple hari raya diet tips and tricks and you'll avoid the Raya weight gain that afflicts so many other people:

#1 Drink Water - and Lots of It 

 Boring I know - but the reason this tip stays around year after year is because it works. Drink 1-2 glass of plain water not juices or cold water before you eat anything at jamuan raya, reason underline is to staves off hunger cravings, water will fill in 1/3 of your tummy tank, so end up you will not overeating.

In fact many people mistake thirst for hunger and end up eating to quench their thirst. This results in more calories than you body needs and - you guessed it - excess pounds.

#2 Increase Your Exercise A Little Bit Every Day

Everyone deserves to indulge in holiday treats. Part of the fun of the holiday season is the amazing treats that are only around Hari Raya.

Accept the fact that you're going to indulge a bit - and then enjoy it! But make sure you make up for it elsewhere by increasing your exercise like wash dishes, mop lantai, wash clothes with your hand what else you can do to burn extra calories?

You don't have to double your exercise time or sweat till you fall off your treadmill. Just increase your exercise time a bit every day, maybe ten minutes here, fifteen minutes there. It all adds up.You'll burn off those holiday treats and easily avoid extra weight gain.

#3 Cut Back Where You Can At Other Meals 

Did you know that the average number of calories consumed by one person during a typical Hari Raya is 7,100! That's about 2 pounds strictly in terms of calories alone. But not to worry. All you have to do is make small calorie cutbacks at other meals.

For example, you pergi berhari raya rumah A you daa mkn byk, rumah B ambil bau je tak pun mkn sikit je like that , count your calories. You won't miss the little sacrifices and you can then enjoy your hari raya - guilt free!

#4 Eat What You Like - But Only A Few Bites 

If you absolutely cannot imagine giving up any of your favorite treats this hari raya season, give yourself permission to have a bite of everything - but only a bite! You boleh makan semua but only a bite ok.

#5 Don't Eat After 7:00 pm 

Experts tell us that the earlier in the day food is eaten, the more likely it is to be burned off. However when you eat late at night, this food is more likely to be stored as fat.Therefore if you wont gain fat, please please don't eat huge meals after seven p.m...

#6 Take Dates Vineger in the morning and noon.

Some research show date vinegar can suppress hunger, so take it in hari raya morning so you are not over eating throughout the day, and another dose in noon.

So those are 6 diet tips to avoid Hari Raya weight gain this year. Follow them and you're guaranteed to save yourself the stress of unwanted weight gain. Heck, you'll probably even lose a few pounds.

Dear dikesempatan ini saya mengucapkan Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir dan Batin. Elok elok memandu pulang ke kampung.


  1. Very good tips to apply..n im totally agree about it!

  2. Ha are skinny already don't try the tips unless you concern about unhealthy eating, is ok to add few kilo more.


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