Monday, August 6, 2012

CHO Loading...Fuelling Your Success

What is CHO Loading?

Food rich in carbohydrate

CHO Loading is a strategy involve changes in training and diet regime to maximise muscle glycogen stores prior to endurance competition.1-4days of exercise taper while following a high CHO diet (7-12g/kg body weight)

Does CHO Loading Improve Performance?
Muscle glycogen levels are normally in the range 100-120mmol/kg bodyweight.CHO Loading enables muscle glycogen to increased around 150-200mmol/kg body weight. This extra supply prove to improve performance by 2-3%.

Who should CHO Load?

- Anyone exercising continously at a moderate to high intensity for 90minutes or longer is likely to benefit frm CHO Loading. Such as cycling, marathon runner, triathlon, endurance swimming etc.

- CHO loading generally not practical to achieve in team sports were games are played every 3-4days.Though players in footall have heavy demands on their muscle fuel stores, it not possible to achieve CHO full loading protocal within weekly schedule of tarining and games

What are the common mistakes made when CHO Loading?

- CHO Loading require exercise taper. Athletes find it difficult to back off training for 1-4days before competition. Failing  to rest will compromise CHO Loading.

- Many athletes fail to eat enough CHO

- CHO Loading will increase muscle glycogen by approximately 2kg. Some athlete fear of weight gain .

- Don't eat too many high fat foods and high fiber foods, it may make it difficult to consume enough CHO

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