Monday, July 9, 2012

Pumping at Work

Pump at Work
 Soon I will back to work...Ooouuchh I want to give breastmilk to my handsome baby, that mean I have to pump at work, let think what should I prepare and understand well before I go to work:

1st- Pump and pumping schedule
Of course I need an efficient breast pump, that empty my breast in short time so I can work...the pump must produce enough milk and boost my prolactin hormone, therefore milk supply not diminish. I think Avent iQ Duo meet all the criteria...but If I have to go for meeting or outdoor works, how...Duo need electric, so I will bring along Medela harmony too. Beside I need a private place...let think where!

Pump schedule...I have to pump every 2-3hours in order to maintain milk supply, fatique and stress are the most enemies to mommy so stick on pumping schedule may reduce the stress. Let develope the schedule:

6.00- wake up, pump or nurse baby, dress myself, get baby ready
7.25- go to work, drop off baby to daycare, breakfast
8.30- pumping break

Work and la la

10.45- pumping break

Work and la la

12.45- pumping break
1-2. - catch my lunch, solat

Work and la la

3.00- pumping break
5.00-punch card, rush to catch my baby at day care discuss with caregiver how the day, is everything ok?
6.00- pump or nurse baby, play time
7.30- get baby ready for bed, eat dinner, play some more
8.30- pump or nurse baby
9.00- put baby to bed
10.30- tidy up my sweet home, get everything ready for tomorrow
11.00- pumping break
3.00- pump if possible

Let duplicate this routine few days before I go to work.

2nd- What else I should prepare, How to store breastmilk?
Put breastmilk in BPA free bottle or plastic bag then keep it in cooler bag with ice pack, it can lasting up to 24 hours.

3rd- How to prevent leaking at work?
Use washable Avent pad I can save money too

4th- Nutrition part...every breastfeed mommy need extra calories and enough water, so drink plenty of water through the day and eat well, drink 2 glass of water before every pumping session.If you need to boost up my entry about increase milk supply.

5th- Another thing very important...carry my baby photo, so I can see him while I feel connected with him.

6th- I think I should bring along liquid cleanser to clean breast pump parts in between pumping bacteria not grow up and keep my baby healthy.

Jom gii beli cooler bag and ice pack...I need one.

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