Monday, July 30, 2012

Power Pumping

To increase and maintain milk supply with power pumping
What is Power Pumping?
Is a technique to increase milk production. It involve usual pumping setup but in unique skills. The ideas is to mimic baby suction in early life (as baby frequently breastfeed) to stimulate and increase milk production.

Who needs power pumping? 
  • Mothers who want to breastfeed an adopted child - this technique is used to stimulate milk production.
  • Mother who want to breastfeed her baby again after stop breastfeeding 
  • Low milk supply, and try to increase the production- Displaying a result of hormonal changes, period, less pumping etc
How to do Power Pumping?
  • For Single pump - pump the right breast first for 10 minutes, then change to the left side pump for 10 minutes, change to the right back pump again for 10 minutes, keep doing this for an hour.  
  • For Double Pump - Pump both sides simultaneously for 10 minutes, rest / stop pump for 10 minutes, then pump again for 10 minutes, rest for 10 minutes , till 1 hour.
I recommended to do power pumping once a day, the best time is early in the morning 1-6 a.m, when  prolactine hormone is at the highest level.

How long this technique will increase milk production?

It take time at least a week to increase milk supply. So don't give up mommy you can do it.

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