Thursday, July 19, 2012

Medela Harmony vs AVENT Manual Pump

I use both Medela Harmony and Avent ISIS manual pump occasionally if tiring attach to electric breast pump or I have to take care my baby or want to move around or go outside without my baby. From my experience I can say that:

             With Medela Harmony I only had to:

          1-Stick the membrane in gently,
          2-Stuff the funnel / flange into the connector
          3-Screw on the standard size Medela bottle
          4-Clap on the pump handle and I’m good to go!

To start pumping, you need to turn / swivel the pump handle  around until you have the short end in your fingers. The Medela Harmony is in “stimulation” mode. Once you’ve achieved letdown, swing the handle around to the longer end and you can begin to express milk with a more powerful suction.

And that’s all you need to do Isn’t it great?

+ Another point I liked about the Medela Harmony is the bottle stand, which seemed to work better than the AVENT Isis bottle stand.

+ Furthermore, you can use any standard size baby bottle (not just Medela bottles) with this manual breastpump. I am stuck with AVENT bottles mainly because the AVENT breastpump could only fit in AVENT bottles and no other brands.

When I used the Medela Harmony, I got 2-3 oz persession for 20-30minutes.

With AVENT Manual Breast Pump I have to:

1-Put the valves
2-Stick the diaphgrame
3-Screw on only the only AVENT bottle
4-Assemble the handle then ready to go.

To start pumping swing the handle slowly till get let down, then swing deeply to express milk with more powerful suction.

- Although the Medela Harmony is easy to assemble, you MUST wash / soak the breastpump with water immediately after each use because the connectors are designed in such a way that milk will definitely be trapped inside. There is no way to clean every inch of the breastpump due to this.

- Comparing Medela and AVENT, you will see that you can clean every nook and cranny of the AVENT manual breast pump.

I can produce 4-5oz per pumping session in just 10-15minutes with AVENT manual pump.

All in all, I think I prefer AVENT manual pump. Eventhough Medela Harmony is easy to assemble it produce less milk than AVENT. This may compromise milk supply, and I don't want to take any risk that may lower milk supply. Besides, you need to press Medela handle harder than AVENT to get right pressure to remove milk. You may at risk to develope Carpal Turnel Syndrome.

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