Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Motherhood don't Give License to Gain Weight

What a day haiyaa...I'm mother of two child, my 2nd baby baru 35days today, so I still relax relax not on dieting too reduce my flab. In fact I already reduce 12kg of pregnancy weight, but xnampak macam berat masa zaman anak dara laa hu hu...some visitors come and complain about my body pun my aunt datang melawat cakap I "berisi" ...only my hubby said daa kurus,memang sedih beb.

That why bila Aishwarya Rai tak turun berat lepas bersalin people complain loudly. I yg ordinary person pun subject to lots of complain ini kan si Ratu kan kan kesimpulannya motherhood don't give you license to gain weight, sudah sampai waktunya I should spend some time to plan dieting snd reevaluate my calories intake so I'm not over eating...Congratz to the public yg menghukum saya xboleh all tak cruel, just the words need to rearrange ha ha...ok jom kuruskan badan
Gambar di atas tuu...perbandingan sebelum bersalin dan selepas 2months bersalin... Alhamdulillah succesfully shed off nearly 20kgs. So Aishu don take motherhood too hard... Those yg very concern about unacceptable body image before...hope you are happy now...thanks for complain.

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