Saturday, March 28, 2009

Cameron Highland...........

It was during 2003 that I first set eyes on Cameron. The memory there haunt me till today. Then I had decided to revisit the place on 2008. I am a nature women. I am very enjoy with Cameron's greenery sight, cold temperature, colorful flowers and it's strawberry.  On 2008, I had rented a cottage for three days two night.I planned to visit every interesting places there. And I went to the highest main point of highland in Malaysia Peninsular, Gunung Brinchang.. the coldest place at Cameron. On the third day I got pyrexia with 43 celcius, very hot. U know why? Because I forgot to bring my
sweater and most of the time I stay outside of my cottage except during sleeping time 12 p.m to 6 a.m. Rugi beb klu asyik nak tidor..he he. Since 2003 every year I will go to visit Cameron except last year... Last year I give birth to my beautiful princess Aqilah Najlaa' and this year my little prince welcome to this world.

I plan when my little prince and princess grown up I want to bring them to visit Cameron...while telling them my beautiful experiences there. Cepat laa besar anak mama.

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